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We were thrilled to get a sneak peek at KnicksNow in the downtown NY offices of the KMCo two weeks ago.  Using digital platforms, and in particular, social media, to broaden and deepen fans’ engagement with their favourite sports teams is a subject near and dear to our hearts.  What we love about Knicks Now is how brilliantly it combines official content with user-generated content in a live timeline.  As a fan, you’re at the center of a personalised experience, and because of that you’re more likely to want to share it with your friends.

As the NY Times noted there are a lot of cooks in the KnicksNow kitchen – KMCo is one of 5 agencies involved in the project.  It was a small point in the article, but for us it’s a big one.  A lot of our work over the past 18 months has involved finding and orchestrating the right portfolio of partners to deliver what the client needs.   To that end, we have been actively solidifying relationships with a range of entities and individuals who complement our core expertise in business innovation and strategy.

In New York we are working with RevSquare (formerly Mignon Media) on a range of initiatives.  We were fortunate to pull in preHype’s Stacey Seltzer and to tap his expertise on the Asian market, and are also working with ex-Forrester Head of Consumer Research, Jaap Favier of Small Circle on developing a crash course in emerging technologies that we’re already talking about with a range of prospective clients.   On the brand licensing side, we’re partnered with Tatiana Whytelord’s Intelligent Brand Extension collective to bring emerging technology intelligence and insight to their clients.

We were asked recently by Small Biz Trends about how viable it is to scale The Realtime Project business. We’re finding that the two-way nature of these collaborations are generating their own momentum, and keeping us pretty busy.

If you’re interested in working with us, let us know!

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