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On Friday, we were sitting at one of the big tables at Hubculture Pavilion, slogging through essential business administrivia when David plunked down next to us and asked “how many hours a week do you all work on this?”

That’s not an easy question to answer. For anyone. Because in realtime as well as at The Realtime Project, the borders between work and play barely exist.

This doesn’t mean we’re always “working.” In some ways, we could argue that we never work at all. Not in the old sense of the word.

Instead, we exist in a kind of continuous flow of activities. Observing, processing, experimenting, connecting, communicating, prioritizing, thinking, playing, crafting, re-making, learning, applying. Even in the most traditional work environment we spend much of our office time maintaining social bonds with co-workers, blending friendship, business objectives and personal experiences in realtime.

When we fight the flow, life is stressful and “work” can feel like a never-ending set of unwanted obligations. But accept the flow and life feels fascinating and rich. Existing happily in the flow means making sure that our mix of activities and intentions is sufficiently diverse, stimulating, compassionate and productive.

And now it’s time (in London at least) to tap into a different sort of flow — the kind that’s on tap down the pub. Happy Monday from The Realtime Project!

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