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Popular techie blog Read Write Web declared in a recent post that the current explosion of interest in ‘the real-time web’ is one of the ‘Top 5 Web Trends” for 2009. By contrast, our perspective at The Realtime Project is that we are moving rapidly into a post-web world.

The time of simply browsing, of looking at pages and sites – is nearing its end.
Rather, the idea of being “within” environments and connected to the real-time stream on your platform of choice is more compelling and engaging than surfing the web. Facebook is an environment, for example, that’s overtaken email as the communication
vehicle of choice for many people.

Mini-applications and widgets. Linked data. New form factors for computing like netbooks that aren’t quite laptops, and mini-netbooks that aren’t quite phones anymore. All of these are indices.

The next wave of internet-enabled experiences will happen on a broad range of screensizes, and sometimes maybe not on a screen at all — transactions, for example, might not require any type of screen.

So, at The Realtime Project, we think and talk a lot about the post-web era. Not
Web 2.0 or 3.0 — POST WEB. When browsing and clicking seems quaint and old fashioned, because what you really need finds you.


  • Made by Steven on 01/10/09

    I can imagine a day when the idea of “browsing” through “site” on a “computer screen” seems as quaint as flicking through a rolodex or looking something up in the yellow pages. Here’s a presentation I found by a brilliant designer/thinker — the best description of the post-web paradigm I’ve ever seen:

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