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In the last week of holiday malaise, I probably raked in a solid 6 pounds (2.72kg) of Turkey, 2 pounds (0.90kg) of stuffing and about 3 pounds (1.36kg) of my mom’s famous pecan pie. So, as I gracefully slipped into my fat pants for work today, I started researching the most effective ways to get back in shape. I thought I was being pretty ingenious and innovative by exploring the revolutionary partnership between Nike and iPod that allowed runners to monitor their time, distance, pace and calories burned all the while listening to their favorite “power songs,” but apparently physical fitness technology has been significantly pumped up since then. From video games to reality shows, surgically implanted chips to wearable wireless transmitter devices, GPS locators to mobile applications, the traditional days of personal trainers and scales are over.

I stumbled upon, an online fitness tracker, where I can literally create an entire workout program that instantly monitors my calorie intake and exercise habits through a motion measuring armband, then sends that information to my personal online coach who will probably yell at me for that double cheese burger.

The good news is, if I didn’t feel like getting yelled at, there is a plethora of other options to help me get fit. In fact, I can just stay at home and play video games thanks to the Nintendo Wii’s new CyberBike (January 2010) will allow me to cycle through France, New York or even underwater! And if for some reason, all this has not made getting fit easy enough, Men’s Health has created a mobile application that features workouts, strength coaching advice and tips from the world’s top athletes straight to my iPhone.

As the lines between body and computer continue to blur, the implications for the health industry are mind-boggling and at the least, worthy of substantive debate. Are modern day advances in technology actually enabling us to be more active?? It sounds contradictory on the surface, but may be true. Check out our recent Top of Mind entitled Forget Health Care for an even more staggering account of health and technology.

Wearable wireless transmitter devices and other fitness applications.

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